Prophets of Anima

Crescent Moon Chronicle


by Taruvien


Release time may change after today. We'll see. Today's page is delayed - will still come out today.

by Taruvien


Currently focussing on: Layout for the webcomic site. Need better banners, image buttons etc - I'm sure I could find tutorials for coding it, the main issue for me is drawing good enough graphics xD

Also working on: The first Q&A of the comic! Gimme questions, people! Anything, about anything. Your Alias/Caricature/Character will ask for ya in an info-packed page!

Note! If you want some exposure from your comic (Though my webcomic is not king of exposure, so don't expect masses to flock!) I'd love to endorse your works on the occasional Watchdog Page I'm implementing soon! In between chapters or chunks of story, your Main Character will appear to tell my readership that your comic is working checking out! PM me for more info.

Also, I have my first Patreon Reward to finish! That's coming soon too.



by Taruvien


Sorry this blog don't look pretty, but.

Today's page will be delayed a few hours due to a kitten, wasps, and the vet being a long drive away.

I'm really sorry guys but some things are more important - The page really only needs final touches plus copyright mark but either way. When it is finished, I'll upload it.

Til then - do me a favor and cross your fingers for me!

by Taruvien

Banners and Layouts

Hey guys!

You may have noticed the new banner. It features a selective part of one of the first post-concept sketches for Lupyne, and is a placeholder banner.

Basically, it's cus putting anything more tangible on the banner at this stage would add... spoilers and stuff! Soon enough there will be many characters to slap on there.

Also, on the subject of character bio pages/worldbuilding pages, I will upload them as part of the comic, under their own chapter called 'Bios and extras'.

Okay! All's good - hope you enjoy the newest page!

by Taruvien


Welp, after uploading page 4 I was kindly notified that my pages so far lacked any kind of author claim.

To this effect, I have put an unintrusive copyright © on each page, in the bottem left corner, as well as the link to my DeviantArt homepage. I haven't even uploaded them to DA yet - gotta get that done tonight I think.


Welp, hope it doesn't detract from the reading experience! Thanks guys and thanks secret tipper <3