Prophets of Anima

Crescent Moon Chronicle


by Taruvien


Sorry this blog don't look pretty, but.

Today's page will be delayed a few hours due to a kitten, wasps, and the vet being a long drive away.

I'm really sorry guys but some things are more important - The page really only needs final touches plus copyright mark but either way. When it is finished, I'll upload it.

Til then - do me a favor and cross your fingers for me!

by Taruvien

Banners and Layouts

Hey guys!

You may have noticed the new banner. It features a selective part of one of the first post-concept sketches for Lupyne, and is a placeholder banner.

Basically, it's cus putting anything more tangible on the banner at this stage would add... spoilers and stuff! Soon enough there will be many characters to slap on there.

Also, on the subject of character bio pages/worldbuilding pages, I will upload them as part of the comic, under their own chapter called 'Bios and extras'.

Okay! All's good - hope you enjoy the newest page!

by Taruvien


Welp, after uploading page 4 I was kindly notified that my pages so far lacked any kind of author claim.

To this effect, I have put an unintrusive copyright © on each page, in the bottem left corner, as well as the link to my DeviantArt homepage. I haven't even uploaded them to DA yet - gotta get that done tonight I think.


Welp, hope it doesn't detract from the reading experience! Thanks guys and thanks secret tipper <3

by Taruvien

PoA:CMC Update #1

I just discovered I can blog here as an Author. Sweet!

ANYWAY! Moving on... *coughs*

Prophets of Anima: Crescent Moon Chronicle is my first attempt at a webcoming/manga hybrid, using my own loose style of manga art. Very simplistic style, I think personally. Either way, it's my baby and like all babies it needs updating regularly or it won't grow into a healthy, chainsmoking, alcoholic adult with marital problems and bailiffs at the door.

So, as I mention in the comic profile, I'm going to try to feed it two pages per week as a minimum. And good news! Page three is nearing completion!

It's annoying, but since deciding to make this full colour I kinda have to stick to it - so yes each page will take a little longer to complete but they should all be worth it.

Also, clothes won't be happening for a good few pages, I think. Let's keep this introduction fun ;D

Keep your eyes wide open for the next page! Exciting things will start happening from roughly page 5 onwards :D

Finally, I'm also working on a title page, as well as continuing to storyboard the comic after chapter five. Gotta keep ahead on that SB or I may run out of steam! Not good D:


See you later!