Prophets of Anima

Crescent Moon Chronicle


by Taruvien

PoA:CMC Update #1

I just discovered I can blog here as an Author. Sweet!

ANYWAY! Moving on... *coughs*

Prophets of Anima: Crescent Moon Chronicle is my first attempt at a webcoming/manga hybrid, using my own loose style of manga art. Very simplistic style, I think personally. Either way, it's my baby and like all babies it needs updating regularly or it won't grow into a healthy, chainsmoking, alcoholic adult with marital problems and bailiffs at the door.

So, as I mention in the comic profile, I'm going to try to feed it two pages per week as a minimum. And good news! Page three is nearing completion!

It's annoying, but since deciding to make this full colour I kinda have to stick to it - so yes each page will take a little longer to complete but they should all be worth it.

Also, clothes won't be happening for a good few pages, I think. Let's keep this introduction fun ;D

Keep your eyes wide open for the next page! Exciting things will start happening from roughly page 5 onwards :D

Finally, I'm also working on a title page, as well as continuing to storyboard the comic after chapter five. Gotta keep ahead on that SB or I may run out of steam! Not good D:


See you later!